Bravest Be

         Brave here be who find the courage
Brave be when not feeling brave
Brave be you who long to flourish
and found no stumble yet can stave

Bravery has long since found its
Bravest be those not brave at all
and time well tested into habits
raises highest those down to fall

For true Bravery is the most modest
of the most powerful of strengths
and those who think themselves the tallest
will without courage fall great in lengths

So Brave be you who see it frankly
and Brave be you who call it true
Brave be you who admit humbly
that you know less than you want to

Then Brave you go with drive to learn it
as Brave through storms you set your sail
Brave beyond whatever limit
that tests your will to Bravely fail

You’ll be the prettiest by not strutting
and find true strength admitting flaws
you’ll be the brightest when you’re not “but”-ing
and go fastest when you can see the pause

Yes Brave be here if your nerves have you
then Brave be by not freezing still
Brave be who in all that you do
believe you can yet not know you will

Brave be when most vulnerable