What is Poetelling?

Poetelling equals Poetry plus Storytelling.

The result of this combination is the bringing of new life and perspective to the art of poetry, and the tradition of storytelling, and how we interact with each form. It’s about combining the rhythm and romance of poetry with the character and journey of storytelling.

This is why people call me “Beat”…

Because I believe life’s stories can be told not only through their “beats” or key moments that define their journey and story arc, but also through the rhythm of their heartbeats which give them their emotion and their ability to move us.

Because stories are movement – they move history, they move culture, they move love and loss and faith and fear, and – above all – they move people; they move us.

Doesn’t it make sense that such movement would have a natural rhythm to it?

Wouldn’t it follow then that these stories could be even more moving if told through such rhythms?

__/\   __

Here I lay me down my Beat
The heart of me, my heart’s retreat
Come and seek you through this lens
Come it with soft or bitter ends
Upon this site, I bear the chart
Of all my happenstance of heart
So come and see, and take in part
For all beheld, begets true art


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