A Way Out

Blades like swords come crashing
Through sheets of ice like rain
It bleeds a fresh coat of armor
To prevent the perilous pain

With winds roaring in the bosom
And drops pelting hard on the soil
It takes a patience not worth having
To wait for such ends to unfoil

So harden your reins and relinquish
Your drearisome dreams and doubt
The layers of labor shall shield you
And reveal a safer way out

It’s strong sense of self that is truly
The secret to surviving each day
And so right and ready, I rally
Heading on down the turning away


Nothing Left

What right have I to ask for more?
And what write I here to so implore?
I have nothing left
I have nothing for you

What have you to share with me
That I would ask for willingly?
You have nothing left
You have taken me through

I cannot keep this incomplete
Or open wounds that never closed
I cannot steer a broken fleet
Adrift without its oars opposed

I cannot see what isn’t there
Or claim that which I never had
So how to let go this affair
That threatens to propel me mad

I must let you go
You who elude me even now
I must set it free
Without knowing exactly how

I must redefine
What happiness holds in my mind
And feel it in me
The might to fight my own confined

What right have I to ask from you
The right to let me start anew?
You have nothing left
You have nothing on me

What have you now to share with me
That would give any guarantee?
I want nothing left
I want nothing you’d be