Hungry Again

Feeling far away
Is to be examined
Is to be explored
To understand
To give it more
Worth than present
Dislike may afford

Feeling dismissed
Is a chance to feel
Is a chance to reveal
How I’d make it real
And not for some other
For which I have no
Power to heal

Feeling uninspired
Is lack of motivation
Is the unknown hiding
But light of navigation
Can be found in writing
Feeling myself once again
Hungry for the right thing


Panic Attack

I remember being in here
I remember the fear
When such ceased me
I’d freeze
I’d flee here
Blank but for tears
Please tell me what steers
When trying to breathe deeply
To placate the panic
But only comes out frantic
Collapsing to my knees
Here I see
I remember such manic
Loss of my pedantic
Hid out in the hygienic
But can it
Settle these shaky gears
Detect what disappears
It’s so unclear
Can it be here
What I seek
What I revere
As I try to can it
There appear my peers
Dangerously near
Please let them not hear
My heavy here
As endless attacks hit
I battle such severe austere

Where Since I Have No Longer Gone

I’m standing just outside of you
A bitter breeze that freezes me
I see their faces, strong and still
But I must go and leave them be

I’m walking down this quiet road
With lights that flicker off and on
They watch me as I walk alone
Where since I have no longer gone

I’m swimming in a see of dreams
The breeze is warm now, softly comes
It sends happiness through my veins
And sighs from top to toes to thumbs

You see I came, I saw, I went
And silently the world goes on
And still that road stands blinking there
Where since I have no longer gone

Not I

Oh aye when thy eyes have seen
All I’ve not yet with my own
I’ll ere henceforth idle between
What my eyes and I have known

For not a night will pass in peace
As I know naught what’s not been seen
The nervous knots in me increase
As not knowing, I nod between

I Am That

I am many things
But these are not important
I can call myself by names
But titles matter not

Who I am upon this earth
Is not of matter, but rather mirth
I am the laughter in my heart
That tells of truth worlds apart

I am the way a smile shines
I am the silence that unwinds
I am when two hearts intersect
I am when seeking to connect

The calm that comes with time
When sharing in sublime
When mind honors the divine
When love is, I am That