The Time It Takes

It takes a mere moment
To speak true your heart
And then a lifetime longer
To mend back each part

You build piece by piece
To pick up the mess
Then it all comes crashing
Just as it’s making sense

It takes a split second
Once you’ve said the words
To realize you’ve put in more
Than perhaps it deserves

And a tick or two later
The sickness sinks in
Of the lifetime it’ll take
Till you feel whole again


Without Meaning

The world is far emptier than it pretends to be
The rising urge to sink and cry is nearing
And I feel to burst from the lack of it all

If only I could release the tears that break free
From the fear of wanting for more feeling
And yet live on to shuffle off this mortal coil

How strange the taste of sadness that’s both bitter sweet
But this unlike heartache has no meaning
And only fades with long spent sighs and salt

So how to bear this burden that with every beat
Strips away another chance of healing
And learn to rise where there has been no fall

The Death of Me

Would you love me if you knew who I was

Could you care if you saw my disgraced face

Uncovered and vulnerable

I stand naked before you

The apple of my eye

The love of my life

And the death of me

You strip me bare with your words

Stop my heart with your gaze

Hold me captive in your passion

But what can I give in return

What would you have of me

My soul is plagued by inconsistent ambivalence

My heart sealed shut with remorse

And still you fight to penetrate its walls

To see me, the real me

Do you want to see me

I fear you do

For it will be the end of you

And the death of me

Nothing Left

What right have I to ask for more?
And what write I here to so implore?
I have nothing left
I have nothing for you

What have you to share with me
That I would ask for willingly?
You have nothing left
You have taken me through

I cannot keep this incomplete
Or open wounds that never closed
I cannot steer a broken fleet
Adrift without its oars opposed

I cannot see what isn’t there
Or claim that which I never had
So how to let go this affair
That threatens to propel me mad

I must let you go
You who elude me even now
I must set it free
Without knowing exactly how

I must redefine
What happiness holds in my mind
And feel it in me
The might to fight my own confined

What right have I to ask from you
The right to let me start anew?
You have nothing left
You have nothing on me

What have you now to share with me
That would give any guarantee?
I want nothing left
I want nothing you’d be

Let It Go

Can you blame me for this?
I know it’s my fault
But fault is infinite
And impossible to solve

So let that go then
Let it not be the last
We spoke our piece each
But no peace has amassed

So don’t take it with you
as you run from this trial
for if you go on laying blame
you’ll lose yourself in denial

And I in my own right
Will just move on after awhile

A Bed of Lonely

Luck be a lady
Fate be my friend
Give me a warning
of how this will end

I’ve made my bed such
and must lie in its wake
So forgive me my greed
as I give not what I take

The error is my own
and I’ll pay for such pain
Cuz I’ve given up another
and lonely still remain

Moving On

The harsh hardens quickly
The weakness turns sickly
Pale poured on thickly
to disgust and disguise.
The pressure increases
As passion decreases
A clenched fist releases
with reluctant goodbyes.
Now sailing on slowly
Lulls rocking the lonely
The wide open only
the haunt of Your eyes.