Human Nature

What would we do if we never felt anything but alone
I’ve looked out over lands with many eyes
and with many leagues under the sea
and I still can’t find the answer
to whether we are alone
or whether I want to be

It’s a curious thing, human nature
the wanting to have and feeling like we don’t
the never knowing if we’d had too much
or if it will ever be enough
having it all and being without
or having nothing but your touch

I can’t say if I know for certain
I could guess and I could be wrong
but at least I’ll know I tried my best
to be all that was wanted for
all that my desire saw
and all that my heart could store

and let go of the rest


Far Away From Here

My nights of late
Have been of such state
As have seemed to set
Myself quite sedate

And with each breathe
Of passive unrest
I find myself caring
Progressively less

What if I were to
Leave and start anew
More and more it feels
The ideal thing to do

To just disappear
Escape doubt and fear
And find my own paradise
Far away from here

Safe Inside

Can you turn to me
And smile
I long for your look
It warms me throughout
And awakens me new
And I
Feel safe inside
For a while
Just a while
However long it lasts
And when it goes
It leaves me breathless
Why ever suffer or
Feel sadness when I
Could smile
And take in your smile
And feel safe inside

Rediscover Light

The road’s been bland and bleak and blind
Without some kind of better sign

But with you near it’s become clear
It’s yours that’s reignited mine

My poor heart’s become so numb
Since last I was lost in this fight

You’re the one who can turn me back on
Now that we’ve rediscovered light

Take Me

Take me for who I am now
Not for who I used to be
Because I just can’t allow
You to misunderstand me
Take me for the love I feel
And for things we’ve yet to say
Not for something much less real
Or for what was yesterday
Take me for this heart of mine
Though it may often seem cold
And show me all is fine
If I give you that to hold
Take me with you down that way
That neither us has known
And taking each other we may
Never have to feel alone

Calm Within Crazy

It blows by
In such furry
What’s the hurry
You asked me once
I cannot wait
I would reply
With so little time
To find my worth
But sitting here
Amidst the frantic
I must admit
I feel strangely at peace
Only in true madness
Can such thing happen
Only when
I can learn to release

The Might to Fight

I cannot keep this incomplete
Or open wounds that never closed
I cannot steer a broken fleet
Adrift without its oars opposed

I cannot see what isn’t there
Or claim that which I never had
So how to let go this affair
That threatens to propel me mad

I must learn to let you go
You who elude me even now
I must set this anchor free
Without knowing exactly how

I must take time to redefine
What happiness holds in my mind
And feel it set safely in me
The might to fight my own confined

Harsh Words

Words spill out as ink stains severe

I scrub but they only pale

With swears and shouts I persevere

As they mock me cold and stale


And with each syllable still they spread

Filling the air with scorn

Burning their way along as I’m

Left feeling wasted and worn