Safe Inside

Can you turn to me
And smile
I long for your look
It warms me throughout
And awakens me new
And I
Feel safe inside
For a while
Just a while
However long it lasts
And when it goes
It leaves me breathless
Why ever suffer or
Feel sadness when I
Could smile
And take in your smile
And feel safe inside


Rediscover Light

The road’s been bland and bleak and blind
Without some kind of better sign

But with you near it’s become clear
It’s yours that’s reignited mine

My poor heart’s become so numb
Since last I was lost in this fight

You’re the one who can turn me back on
Now that we’ve rediscovered light

Take Me

Take me for who I am now
Not for who I used to be
Because I just can’t allow
You to misunderstand me
Take me for the love I feel
And for things we’ve yet to say
Not for something much less real
Or for what was yesterday
Take me for this heart of mine
Though it may often seem cold
And show me all is fine
If I give you that to hold
Take me with you down that way
That neither us has known
And taking each other we may
Never have to feel alone

The Might to Fight

I cannot keep this incomplete
Or open wounds that never closed
I cannot steer a broken fleet
Adrift without its oars opposed

I cannot see what isn’t there
Or claim that which I never had
So how to let go this affair
That threatens to propel me mad

I must learn to let you go
You who elude me even now
I must set this anchor free
Without knowing exactly how

I must take time to redefine
What happiness holds in my mind
And feel it set safely in me
The might to fight my own confined

Such A Man


What would it be
to someday someone know
who in their heart of hearts
lives the meaning of a life
their own

Dreams bigger than heads can carry
or critics disown

Holds room equal for purpose
and passion for unknown

Finds peace amidst chaos
and sense of self
in defining home

And wants such existence
that lives only up to
expectations found within
worthy and true

Such a one, such a man,
seeking to live as I do
could only be what I seek
in my heart of hearts
to be true to

Only then would be companion
worthy to take my alone
and find in common passion
worlds worthy to roam

A New Truth

Why do we only whisper
The truth we will not see
And then more proudly loudly sound
The lies we wish would be

Why disguise our underneath
Such depth hidden within
And then reveal only what’s brief
Sat simply on the skin

Why have I not yet found
Reason to take that chance
But found it easier to forget
The language of romance

And why when this is all I’ve found
Do I somehow see in you
Such heart and head akin to mine
That speaks of something true

The Death of Me

Would you love me if you knew who I was

Could you care if you saw my disgraced face

Uncovered and vulnerable

I stand naked before you

The apple of my eye

The love of my life

And the death of me

You strip me bare with your words

Stop my heart with your gaze

Hold me captive in your passion

But what can I give in return

What would you have of me

My soul is plagued by inconsistent ambivalence

My heart sealed shut with remorse

And still you fight to penetrate its walls

To see me, the real me

Do you want to see me

I fear you do

For it will be the end of you

And the death of me

Drops of Love

Falling like drops of love
To softly pierce my face
As from heaven above
To this mortal place

I fear I’ve lost some
Of that forgotten grace
That transforms each one
Into a wondrous space

So envelope me in
That emphatic embrace
And remind me still
That such beauty has bass

For from such moments
Of epiphanic pace
Can come drops of love
That leave a lasting trace

Beware My Heart

The only heart I’ve ever known
My only constant truth
Is that this heart is black and bruised
Locked up and anger-infused
All because of you.

And if you cared or ever dared
To give me an excuse
You’d learn that I’ve gone cold inside
All hope for love or peace denied
And all romance refused.

As days have passed and time elapsed
Still reign my heart’s issues
That no man again may give me pain
And so I wallow in endless rain
In this prison that I choose.

So be wary if you take aim
And tread in tougher shoes
For I still hold that none less so bold
May ever chance to weather this cold
And at end, only ever lose.

What Matters

Perhaps it takes the darkness,
the cold and bitter mess,
to teach you all that matters is
what moves you to progress.
And if there should be one in view
that doesn’t light you through,
you should know that such a one
is far too small for you.