Falling Love

Is this like the pain that
Like dew drops on an empty plain
And bathes each blade
Damper still disdain?
I would wither in plain
If I could but have the courage
But I only have
Petal that falls from You.

Darling Please

Darling please

when you take away all the eye sees

leaving only that which haunts my dreams

of stormy seas

that stir the breeze

which might have passed with greater ease

to me it seems

it’s only

‘Please babys’

to say you would only make believes

and leave me hanging with maybes

or a light tease

and ‘Wish it could bes’

oh please

believe me this isn’t easy

to stay here with my heart queasy

you freeze me

I seize

I cease to be

so please oh please

stay with me

or leave me my weak knees

let me be free

if you can’t be these

loving qualities

can you be

oh tell me

Darling please


The First Beat

Today’s Beat… the very first here… let the madness begin!

Take a moment today to embrace someone you love. And I mean really embrace them, hold on, squeeze tight. Tell them you love them. Trust me, it will make all the bad emptiness go away… if even for a second, it’s worth it!