Such A Man


What would it be
to someday someone know
who in their heart of hearts
lives the meaning of a life
their own

Dreams bigger than heads can carry
or critics disown

Holds room equal for purpose
and passion for unknown

Finds peace amidst chaos
and sense of self
in defining home

And wants such existence
that lives only up to
expectations found within
worthy and true

Such a one, such a man,
seeking to live as I do
could only be what I seek
in my heart of hearts
to be true to

Only then would be companion
worthy to take my alone
and find in common passion
worlds worthy to roam


A New Truth

Why do we only whisper
The truth we will not see
And then more proudly loudly sound
The lies we wish would be

Why disguise our underneath
Such depth hidden within
And then reveal only what’s brief
Sat simply on the skin

Why have I not yet found
Reason to take that chance
But found it easier to forget
The language of romance

And why when this is all I’ve found
Do I somehow see in you
Such heart and head akin to mine
That speaks of something true