Bravest Be

         Brave here be who find the courage
Brave be when not feeling brave
Brave be you who long to flourish
and found no stumble yet can stave

Bravery has long since found its
Bravest be those not brave at all
and time well tested into habits
raises highest those down to fall

For true Bravery is the most modest
of the most powerful of strengths
and those who think themselves the tallest
will without courage fall great in lengths

So Brave be you who see it frankly
and Brave be you who call it true
Brave be you who admit humbly
that you know less than you want to

Then Brave you go with drive to learn it
as Brave through storms you set your sail
Brave beyond whatever limit
that tests your will to Bravely fail

You’ll be the prettiest by not strutting
and find true strength admitting flaws
you’ll be the brightest when you’re not “but”-ing
and go fastest when you can see the pause

Yes Brave be here if your nerves have you
then Brave be by not freezing still
Brave be who in all that you do
believe you can yet not know you will

Brave be when most vulnerable


A Tale of Two Loves


The first published collection of Poetelling poetry woven together to form a narrative story that tells the tale of one woman’s journey through the ups and downs of her two greatest loves… at least, so far.

A story all too familiar
To many of us
Who’ve been through similar
And made our own fuss

But to bare it all
And let us read her woes
Is to be far braver
Than most of us knows

Writer’s Block

Creativity in its weakest form
Is patience lost and pages torn
Ink spills over like a storm
Whether weather’s fair
In sitting poses frozen still
Hand is poised with quivering quill
Staring out the windowsill
Not knowing where to stare
Fingers twitch and replay movement
Wondering where all the time went
Pondering on how it was spent
Unmoved from this chair
Who’s to know it won’t return
Thoughts that I still can’t discern
Not fuel enough left to burn
And not enough to care
Nothing left but air
And that’s not enough to share

The Rise Of Falling

What good is a life that doesn’t keep learning
Or doesn’t find chances to take
What good a heartbeat that never quickens
Or gives itself the chance to break

What you don’t seek, you’ll never find
What you don’t ask, you’ll never know
Where you don’t look, you’ll blunder blind
Where you don’t push, you’ll never grow

Why take the risk of risking nothing
You can still lose what you never had
Why play the dangerous game of careful
Even standing still can drive you mad

This time I’m going to take my chances
Keep my head up, aim for the skies
I’ve lived too long afraid of falling
But that’s when we find greatest rise

My Monster And Me

I’d like to tell you, if you’ll permit me,
Something that sounds perhaps a little crazy

You see, sometimes
When I’ve been really happy
When I’ve been lucky
When all has been good
And for a while the sun has shined
On my little corner of the world

I start to feel this monster rise up inside of me
Triggered by the sunshine and rays of happy

And it threatens me with rain whenever sun abounds
It threatens me with cold whenever warmth surrounds
It comes out to warn me, to tell me what is wrong
What I’m missing, what I don’t see, what’s been gone for too long

And then I do see it as soon as it speaks
I see and I know it instantly
I know that such sunshine cannot always be
That this many happy things were not meant for me

I come to my senses and it hurts while it heals
Because I’d forgotten for too long how awareness feels
How the rain and the cold can comfort and hold
How the tears can set free all those feelings untold

Because the monster, you see, is just a voice inside me
It’s nothing more than a part of my own psyche
That needs the darkness to balance the light
And highlights the wrong to level the right
Because my spirit needs something to fight
To challenge and steady all of its might

And we, my monster and me
Are two of a kind, a kind of package deal
You can’t only have one and have that be real
It would only ever be temporary
Until the good has gone on too excessively

And then the monster comes calling again
Reminding me what I left in my other jeans
Put through the washing, folded and forgotten
Till I wear out and tear out these splitting seams

Then stripped bare again, I remember what it means
That it’s not a full life if I’ve been living only dreams
Sometimes you have to wake up and see everything
The good and the bad and everything in between

Nothing is sacred or always sunshine
No life is ever good all of the time
And a life of pure happy could never be mine
Because my monster needs that decline to unwind
And I’ll forever have such depths in my mind

I need to remember if I ever again find
A life full of that happy bright dumb luck sun
One can only assume is a fluke in someone’s trust fund
That I sure don’t deserve, though I’ve worked for the won
And still feel full fixed by tasers set to stun

Remember in that moment the long forgotten one
My monster within me who comes to steady me some
And without which I’d come completely undone

Now if you here this and think me disturbed
I’m surely no more crazy than others you’ve heard
And I’d wager a gambling there’s more in this gathering
Who feel such a monster inside of them too
Well, how about it, do you?

The Time It Takes

It takes a mere moment
To speak true your heart
And then a lifetime longer
To mend back each part

You build piece by piece
To pick up the mess
Then it all comes crashing
Just as it’s making sense

It takes a split second
Once you’ve said the words
To realize you’ve put in more
Than perhaps it deserves

And a tick or two later
The sickness sinks in
Of the lifetime it’ll take
Till you feel whole again

Human Nature

What would we do if we never felt anything but alone
I’ve looked out over lands with many eyes
and with many leagues under the sea
and I still can’t find the answer
to whether we are alone
or whether I want to be

It’s a curious thing, human nature
the wanting to have and feeling like we don’t
the never knowing if we’d had too much
or if it will ever be enough
having it all and being without
or having nothing but your touch

I can’t say if I know for certain
I could guess and I could be wrong
but at least I’ll know I tried my best
to be all that was wanted for
all that my desire saw
and all that my heart could store

and let go of the rest

Far Away From Here

My nights of late
Have been of such state
As have seemed to set
Myself quite sedate

And with each breathe
Of passive unrest
I find myself caring
Progressively less

What if I were to
Leave and start anew
More and more it feels
The ideal thing to do

To just disappear
Escape doubt and fear
And find my own paradise
Far away from here

Safe Inside

Can you turn to me
And smile
I long for your look
It warms me throughout
And awakens me new
And I
Feel safe inside
For a while
Just a while
However long it lasts
And when it goes
It leaves me breathless
Why ever suffer or
Feel sadness when I
Could smile
And take in your smile
And feel safe inside

Rediscover Light

The road’s been bland and bleak and blind
Without some kind of better sign

But with you near it’s become clear
It’s yours that’s reignited mine

My poor heart’s become so numb
Since last I was lost in this fight

You’re the one who can turn me back on
Now that we’ve rediscovered light