Color me purple
and black and bruised,
but please I beg you
spare my pride!
But color if you must
if coloring does,
to give warmth and control
to this life.
Color me crazy
with every possible hue,
if it suits you to
color me in.
And paint a better picture
than the one in my head,
yes please color instead
from within.

Soul Script

Little dots on the page
make plays at stage
and with time will age
less of grace.
The little lines they leave
will then want and weave
about endlessly
lost in space.
But with luck and time
some may intertwine
and build line by line
to replace.
That should time review
and see it built anew
there’d be left words too true
to erase.


I’m in my head

and it swims

against the currant

against the wind

I can’t get in

to see the reality of anything

there’s a sting that fouls my mood

a sharp reproach not cold but crude

bewildered I blank

shake the core of calamity

and swindle the cool breeze

that I wish I could ride

and be free

Slowly Disappearing

I can see now that I’ve been slowly
from the face of
my face
this world
is forcing me to face
the reality now hits
it’s almost as if
it’s been happening without my knowing
blinded by the will to keep going
I see now
I cannot just keep on if I don’t know where to go
I cannot sort the tiresome if I don’t learn to say no
I cannot hike this landslide if my footsteps never slow
the wall will hit
and rinse, and repeat,
if I don’t first learn to let go
if I don’t take the time to fix what’s wrong
wipe the slate clean
before the slate wipes me gone
and I’ll be disappeared
lost to myself
lost in my own skin
I see now that I am slowly disappearing
and I need to
seek peace from within
and seek love from you
I know now it will take both of the two
to slowly somehow
draw myself back in


Fallen leaves
Face time further refined
They show on each line
What mimics on mine
We’ve weathered
Through well worse behind
Yet more on the horizon
Has yet to bear mind
To fair such weather
Is to tempt tempests blind
So prepare yourself darling
For who knows what you’ll find